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Alternator Repair in Hyannis, MA

Our Approach

The alternator is an essential part of your vehicle. Specifically, it converts mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy that can be used all throughout the car, powering vital components like the starter and headlights, as well as convenience features like the stereo, heated seats, and digital controls. Without the alternator, your car would not start, and it certainly wouldn’t run properly.
If you are experiencing problems with your alternator, let us help. We’ll make sure you get a reliable alternator repair so your vehicle can keep running for miles and miles. Whether you need a complete replacement, adjustment, or diagnosis, our experienced technicians can get you in and deliver the alternator repair you need.

Alternator Repairs from an Experienced Team

How can you tell if you need an alternator repair? First of all, you might have a warning light indicating a potential problem with the alternator. If your lights are dimming, or if you have a dead battery, the alternator could be the culprit, especially if the battery is fairly new or you have reason to believe it is properly charged.

Your alternator problems could be caused by many different issues. It takes a qualified technician to accurately diagnose and fix the problem, so bring your vehicle to us and let us make sure your car is running great, with a reliable alternator that is ready for thousands of miles.

At World Tech Auto Centers, we provide 100% warranty on our parts and our alternator repairs. Our aim is to keep you satisfied with the work we do, and for you to continue to return for maintenance and repairs. At Integrity, we offer a combination of experience and accolades that you will find at no other shop in the Hyannis area, or throughout the rest of southern California.

Unmatched Certifications and Awards

  • Awarded 2013 through 2014 Best of the Bosch Car Service Centers in North America
  • President, Sevan Garabedian: Bosch/ASE Master Technician of The Year (first ever in Bosch’s 130-year history to receive the award)
  • ASE Certified Master Technicians
  • Bosch Authorized Car Service Facility
  • Bosch Passenger Car Diesel Service (1 of 3 in California)
  • ASE Certified Blue Seal Repair Shop
  • AAA-approved repair and service center
  • 100% warranty for our repairs


Excellent customer service

...Top notch, the customer service is exceptional, they are willing to listen and help to get you back on the road again. I have used them for routine and breakdown service. I feel safe and confident when I leave the shop. I also find the price is always fair. I recommend them to all my family and friends.

Marion K.

Hyannis, MA

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