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Radiator Repair in Hyannis, MA

Make Sure You Get the Right Radiator Repair

You can get outstanding radiator repair from a high-quality team of technicians when you work with World Tech Auto Center. Our dedicated mechanics understand the details of your radiator systems, ensuring your car runs at optimal performance and temperatures for thousands of miles.
The radiator in your vehicle is located towards the front of the engine compartment, essentially between the engine and the front bumper or grille. It keeps your engine and transmission cool by circulating coolant through the coils in front of the engine fan. This cools the coolant before it is cycled back into the engine.



Keeping Your Car Running with Reliable Radiator Repairs

If your radiator is cracked, your hoses are leaking, or the seals are broken, you could be losing essential coolant that keeps your engine at the right temperature. This will mean major damage to your engine, so while a vehicle will run (most of the time) with a broken radiator, proper radiator repair is essential if you want to avoid a more costly bill.

You might need a radiator repair if your car is overheating or if you smell coolant, which has a sweet, almost syrupy scent. Signs of a bad or broken radiator system include puddles of coolant under your vehicle or groans and grinding coming from underneath the hood. You can always pop the hood and check the coolant reservoir to see if you are having a leak.


The Right Radiator Repair is Waiting for You

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...Top notch, the customer service is exceptional, they are willing to listen and help to get you back on the road again. I have used them for routine and breakdown service. I feel safe and confident when I leave the shop. I also find the price is always fair. I recommend them to all my family and friends.

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